Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Excerpt of "Kurds in Iran" by Yildiz and Taysi

As the fighting between the Peshmarga and Pasdaran increased, the medical situation became disastrous. Estimates before Revolution revealed that per 5,800 people in Kurdistan, 1 doctor existed, as compared to 1 per 770 in Tehran. Komala and KDPI controlled a large part of the region and set up hospitals, but limited medical supplies could not deal with the large number of casualties. Two French medical teams arrived but the hospitals had to be moved to the Iraqi borders and at times only one hospital remained, grossly underfunded and full. The wounded, mostly civilian would take an average two to three days to get there, arriving on foot, or by horse and mule. Sometimes it would take up to twelve days for the wounded to arrive. The death toll rose to 50,000, 45,000 of whom citizens.