Sunday, November 29, 2015

A lovely letter from a kind reader

Dearest Ava, I just finished reading your powerful story Lullaby. No title could be more appropriate.
Even though this is a short story (not a poem) the words are so carefully chosen, the rhythm is perfect, and the story evolves effortlessly and allows you to identify, relate to and connect with the characters. Few words are spent on the mother and yet we imagine her strong but struggling, and eventhough she suffers, as a mother who is in pain in front of the oppression and torture exercised on her son, she finds the right words to console and strengthen her son's spirits. 
Thank you Ava for making us aware of this terrible and ungrounded  injustice. Let's hope that soon man's mind will understand how futile, vane and vicious he is and will look for a higher goal and truthful meaning in human life.  
You express your awareness and pain with depth and delicacy. I'm happy to have met you!
A big hug from wintery Milan,


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