Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Reader's Reaction to my story Lullaby

My wonderful publisher Vered of Novel Rights has asked the readers of my story to fill up a questionnaire. Here are some answers to "What were your initial feelings as you read the story?"
This book was upsetting but also informative. I now have a basic understanding of the position Kurds have and the difficulties they face. I also have an understanding of the ideological nature of justice in countries such as Iran where by a "God' can be quoted and used as a prosecution. This ideology in any justice system is abhorrent.
That I know little about Kurdish people and their treatment or history. That I should know more about these people and their treatment.
This format of grabbing attention with the human story and following it up with extra info and facts is very effective. I would like to see it being used in more mainstream media where it is frequently one or ther other. Comments sections on media websites can be a good gauge of public feeling. They often show the opinions that are formed when dealing with subject matter that has not been contextualised within the effects on human beings lives, are harsh, judgemental and unsympathetic. These stories have the power to change this.
One of anger , empathy
I sensed beauty.
The impact of the personal story. Incredulity that this kind of thing is commonplace. Guilt that I frequently hear about it in the news in a general way and never stop to consider what it actually means for Kurds
Heartbreaking. It hurts while I read it. Very sad. It reminds me that I need to continue campaigning for the protection of human rights worldwide.
It felt realistic as if I were reading the actual thoughts of the prisoner.
It made me annoyed at the injustice.

If you'd like to read the story too, you can go here

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