Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Petition on White House for Kurdistan's Independance

An american friend of the Kurds has posted a petition on website. it is a paragraph long and asks for our freedom. If 100000 Kurds and their friends sign it, the president has promised to respond to it!

"For over a century, the Kurdish people have been repeatedly tortured, gassed, and brutally repressed in every country they live in. Denied an independent state of their own, the Kurds have suffered innumerable injustices at the hands of the people ruling them, including but not limited to a horrific genocide at the hands of Saddam Hussein in the late 80s. Recently, the President of Iraqi Kurdistan, Masoud Barzani, announced his support for an independent Kurdish state in northern Iraq. The Kurds, already given self-autonomy in part of Iraq, have proven themselves more than able to run a country and are currently fighting against the malicious terrorist group, ISIL. As such, the Obama Administration should support Kurdish Independence for the betterment of the region and the world."

Here is the link

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