Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4 Hours Walk/Hike at Stanley Park

The owner was an elderly woman, over 70, and was absolutely in love with this splendid creature. You would enjoy looking at their dynamic.

After 7 hours of editing, I went for a hike that lasted 4 hours . I woke up with achy legs.

Breathtakingly Georgeous

After the long walk, she still had the energy to play fetch
Haiku the hiker

Lions Gate Bridge connects city of Vancouver to spectacular West and North Vancouver 

Sunset at English Bay 

During the long walk I listened to Stephen King and Anton Chekhov stories
(in case you were wondering how I lasted that long ;)) 

Have never tried but holding stone on stone should not be easy

She just happened to run in my picture but I like it very much

The fence didn't let me take a better photo but these laughing men are my favourite sculptures
One can't help smiling :)

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