Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I have no talent for photography and these are all taken with my android phone, only to capture some moments of life
This is my favourite place (so far), forest in the mountains, a lake and snow on the faraway mountains

My Shadow, Her Majesty (Haiku), at Kogawa House

A playful seal in English Bay
Cleveland,Dome,  North Vancouver 
Haiku- Who can help falling for that smile?

Look at the size of the sushi! A place near Kogawa House called King sushi

Sunset at the Fraser River Park, half an hour walk from the Kogawa House

A random phallic image in North Van.

A gorgeous trail Haiku and I discovered in North Van.


and ditto

A genius home made bike (love the rear view mirror) at Richmond or Lulu Island

Just wanted to start and end with the place I love the most

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