Monday, April 29, 2013

On Echoes from the Other Land by Loren Edizel (author of Adrift)

Loren Edizel, the talented author of Adrift, has put Echoes from the Other Land on her  "Commuter's Reads," and has said nice things about it.

Here is the link and you'd need to scroll down:

The seven stories that make up this collection take place in Iran. The prose is purposeful and unfolds through short sentences and crisp dialogue. The young women and girls in these stories all struggle against the suffocating blanket of misogyny and oppression created by the hateful regime, the weakness of men, and society in general, where everyone is bent out of shape. It is the anger of women that keeps them erect with eyes wide open in these stories, and the scarves on their heads are always somehow falling off, or pulling back, or crumpling somewhere to reveal their locks.

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