Monday, April 29, 2013

Echoes from the Other Land on Change TV by Kabir

Kabir is a fun, brave young man with a talent for hosting shows. He has his own TV channel called Change TV whose motto is "Dare To Be Different!"co-hosted by Kabir and his boyfriend, Colin. After planning several times and cancelling, I finally appeared on his show and we chatted briefly. A "life-stylist" (I was surprised too!) and a musician were also there and I really enjoyed listening to the live music by Darcy Windover (yes, I did ask him if his name was inspired by Pride and Prejudice and to my disappointment the answer was "no, it was a politician's name." Yes, I did want to ask if that politician's parents' read Jane Austin. No, I didn't actually ask that :D). Darcy sang "As We Go Down" and played the guitar (min. 25:32) HERE

Finally we talked (min. 36:12)

Kabir also has a guest's page and this is mine

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