Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SANANDAJ-Kurdish city

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Hewa Shwan said...

Ava gian, thanks for sharing this informative video about Sina.

Although this is not bad, as you stated, but it is the extent that the occupiers of Kurdistan allow the Kurds to practice their culture, but imagine how much more progress and development will occur in Kurdistan when the Kurds are free to build their country, and preserve their history and cultural heritage.

It's sad that a Persian presenter, and not a Kurd, defines Kurdistan for us, which has been the case for many centuries. Even some of the interviews were done in Farsi, and not in Kurdish, the language of Sina, Kurdistan. This is what makes most Persians think that people of Kurdistan speak only Farsi, and claim that there is no difference between Kurdish and Farsi.

Keep up the good work.