Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ako and Azad

This is my cuddly, loyal, loving, and adorable friend. She has two names: Aiko and Haiku. I call her Haiku because, to me, she is poetry: enchanting and rhythmical. And, I call her Aiko because I deeply miss my brother, Ako, whom I haven’t seen in five years. Thanks to the complicated psychological defence mechanism, I often dream that Ako is in my home and I hug him. I dream he is going to stay with me for a while and I take care of him and I walk with him, talk to him, listen to his unique and brilliant ideas, debate with him, and feel spoiled in his kindness….
That little bird in the cage is Azad. I named him Azad because I miss my younger brother just as bad: Azad. I only have two brothers; both younger and both residing in Iran. I carry around the unbearable  missing of the two dearest people of my life, as if I carry two bullets: one in my back and one in my throat.

Ako and Azad: I love you both and I don’t lose hope until one day the three of us get to be together again.

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azad heidari said...

i love u too and i miss u so much
ur the best sister in the whole world
and im so happy too have u and im so proud of u