Sunday, February 12, 2012

Praise for Echoes from the Other Land

I admire the crisp and tight structure in your stories, there is great economy in the way you write, and the rhythm of your sentences, they're purposeful and short and take no detours. You have this way of unfolding the story from within, with crisp dialogue rather than starting from the outer edges to get inside which reminds me a bit of Hemingway's stories. I love the young women and girls you have created, their inner strength and despair under that uniform blanket of misogyny and oppression- the hateful regime, the weakness of men, and society in general, everyone bent out of shape but the anger of women keeping them erect, with eyes open and that scarf always somehow falling off, or pulling back, or crumpling somewhere to reveal their locks. 
Loren Edizel, author of Adrift

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