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Ava Homa | Open Book: Toronto

Ava Homa | Open Book: Toronto

Ava Homa

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Ava Homa is the author of Echoes from the Other Land, which was nominated for the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award in 2011. Echoes from the Other Land was also placed sixth in the top ten winners of the CBC Reader's Choice Contest for Giller Prize. Ava’s collection has a running theme of resistance by modern Iranian women. The stories are told on a universal scale, depicting human endurance, desire and passion. Ava’s writings have appeared in periodicals such as The Toronto Quarterly, Windsor Review, the Toronto Star and Rabble.

Ava is also an academic who teaches Creative Writing and English in a post-secondary level in Ontario Colleges and is a writer-in-residence for Minden Hill Cultural Centre.

Ava is a translator (Farsi/English) and a researcher, too. She loves outdoor activities, music, movies and fine arts. For more information please visit Ava blogs at

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Echoes from the Other Land: Stories of Modern Iranian Women

By Ava Homa

Iran is isolated and yet active in the world. It is ruled by religious tradition and yet is in many ways modern and sophisticated. Echoes from the Other Land emphasizes the considerable diversity in Iran, a country with a rich history and variety of ethnicities. While I wish to highlight diversity, to represent such a diverse nation is not the objective of this collection — nor is it, I believe, an achievable goal. In Biting the Error: Writers Explore Narrative Mary Burger says “narrative is the tool for exploring being in time” (9). So too, my narrative explores being in time. This is meant to resist representations enforced by both the Western accounts of Iran and those of the oppressive regime.

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