Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Echoes from the Other Land was Placed 6th in CBC's Reader's Choice Contest

Congrats to everyone on the list and thanks to all those who voted

1. Extensions by Myrna Dey (6.9 per cent of total eligible nominations)
2. The Canterbury Trail by Angie Abdou (5.6 per cent )
3. Everything Was Good-bye by Gurjinder Basran (5.5 per cent)
4. Copernicus Avenue by Andrew Borkowski (3.6 per cent)
5. Hope Burned by Brent LaPorte (3.5 per cent)
6. Echoes from the Other Land by Ava Homa (3 per cent )
7. Man & Other Natural Disasters by Nerys Parry (2.6 per cent) *
8. Don't Be Afraid by Steven Hayward (2.6 per cent) *
9. Incidents in the Life of Markus Paul by David Adams Richards (2.3 per cent)
10. The Meaning of Children by Beverly Akerman (2.2 per cent)

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