Monday, August 15, 2011

CBC Books - The Scotiabank Giller Prize

CBC Books - The Scotiabank Giller Prize

Nora for Echoes from the Other Land by Ava Homa

Thornhill, ON

I think Ava Homa should make it to this year's Scotiablank Giller Prize long list, for her Echoes from the Other Land. Homa's book portrays the struggle of women in a politically mysogenistic country. It shows how the frame of mind encouraged in a society affects all its members. Homa keeps a detached and neutral voice. She shows men and women of all ages, temperaments, mental abilities and socioeconomic classes and how they respond to the limitations and priviledges the regime imposes upon them. Homa's book is a study in individual and social psychology. Her writing style is vividly descriptive, and creates a sense of vitality and immediacy.

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