Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yol by Yılmaz Güney

Watched Yol again last night after so many years. Mostly because Yilmaz is a Kurdish director and I like to know all the Kurdish artists and literary people. A couple of scenes were super strong: including when the husband, son and the infidel wife walk through the snow. I think the couple's acting was masterful but I was mostly impressed by the wife's acting.
The other powerful scene was when the imprisoned husband is on a one week leave and his only chance to make love to his much loved and pretty wife is in the washroom of a train. Passengers see them and make a scandal. "Aren't you ashamed?" the inspector asks.
"For you it's a shame for me a necessity," the man replies. The wife cries.

Yol won 1982 Cannes Film Festival.Yilmaz served an 18 months imprisonment for writing a "communist" novel. He later flees to France where he dies of cancer. He tried to show Kurdish people's history but none of the actors could speak Kurdish or they would go directly to jail.

You never die, Yilmaz!   

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Anonymous said...

From Kurdistan...

I also watched that movie. There is a reality about us, Kurds. We have been prevented to track on the path of natural development or growing. In the history of all peoples there were times when suffering is a kind of fashion or popular or in sight. Then it comes a time when people want more satisfaction from and they get it. And some times come after it when people feel everybody should have been free from all authorities or absurdities. In Kurdish history we don't have such a path. Ours was suffering and is still suffering...

Take care :) stay with a smile on your face :)