Monday, May 2, 2011

Toronto Star-Re: Letter from a Kurdish exile

Omar Ha-Redeye, Toronto

Re: Letter from a Kurdish exile, Opinion April 25 

Ava Homa’s timely and very important letter should have been front-page news. She urges everyone living in a free country to get out and vote. She is in exile — away from family and friends, “with little hope of ever being able to visit them.” She describes how thousands of people living in the Islamic Republic of Iran have been tortured and killed.
She states, “To me, refusing to participate in the future of one’s nation is a betrayal of freedom. How can any human being ever undervalue freedom?”
I urge all senior high school, college teachers and university professors to photocopy this article for each of their students and discuss it with them. They should encourage their students to make it a habit of reading all political articles and opinion pieces year round in order to become politically knowledgeable — and then of course to get out and vote.


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