Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Praise for Echoes from the Other Land

"I can only say that having read, critiqued and helped to edit the first drafts of most of these stories, that they are simple, but beautiful. If you're a fan of Hemingway-esque prose, Ava Homa's stories will make your literary senses tingle. If you are at all interested in Iran as a political, cultural and social landscape, you'll enjoy Echoes From the Other Land.

There are no clichés in these stories. You'll have to read them again and again to really understand what's just happened: this was proven when a very smart member of our class, totally missed the point in one of Homa's stories (which has since resulting in much teasing) but is easy to do when things are not stated outright, when the reader has to explore to find the answers. The politics aren't overdone and heavy-handed; this is not a book highlighting Iranian doctrine or Western doctrine. There's balance here."
--Jenny Lee Ferguson

"Glass Slippers is haunting, thought-provoking, elusive, subtle, all the things a short story should be" Dawn Promislow author of Jewel and Other Stories 
"Dipped into it last night to read "Glass Slippers". For me it was a virtuoso performance where in a very tightly written story you managed to echo so many popular fairy/folk/literary tales, East and West...Cinderella of course but also Bluebeard and Yusuf and Zulaikha to name just a few!...Bravo" Ariel Balevi, Story Teller
"Powerful collection of short stories...all connected by the Sufi proverb stated at the beginning of the book "If you cannot fly out of the cage, fly with the cage".Very strong narration style which makes it hard for the reader to remain a silent spectator as the story proceeds. Its amazing how the protagonist picks up and goes on with her life in each story." Smitha Cholakkal 
"Life in the Islamic Republic of Iran is a mystery to most of us. And much of the information we have about that country comes from the evening news. It often takes fiction to add depth and humanity to this one dimensional picture. We are fortunate to have writer like Ava Homa... "Glass Slippers" is a powerful story with a strong ending, and it's full of resonant images, especially around the seclusion/covering up/confinement of women." Carole Giangrande author of The Gardener on the Moon
"I relate to this stories. Every time you read a story, you understand it more and more.I have not seen a book before that seems so simple at surface and is so deep. I re-read stories and love them more and more. I recommend this stories to anyone who likes to explore human nature."

"Ava Homa’s collection of stories Echoes from the Other Land. Ava is an immigrant to Canada and her collection of stories set post-Islamic revolution Iran are at once deeply personal and political." Mayank Bhatt, blogger: Generally About Books


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