Friday, December 10, 2010

To Aspiring Writers: I Know What You Need

I understand what you are looking for because I was there at one point. I studied English (two master's degrees). That made me not only read a lot but also critique and analyze the techniques and styles of writing. I attended fiction writing workshops for three years before I produced my first "publishable" piece. After that, I taught creative writing for six years which helped me improve my writing dramatically. I am still learning as I keep reading and writing. I understand your concerns, you need to know where you are standing, how good your writing is, what are your strength and week points and how to improve your skills.


The best way to achieve such insight is to attend some good workshops. Search the net to find one. I will have one in January. It is open to people who are already writing and will be a dynamic workshop where I will share my years of experience with the aspiring writers (which is what I love). It is by far the most reasonable workshop in Toronto, $50 only for three sessions (2 hours each), that is less than 10 dollars per hour for a rewarding experience!

Here's more info. I hope this helps:

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