Sunday, December 19, 2010

The best place to be is in love

My brain is playing this game with me: in a sequence images and stories of these women come to my head and do not leave me alone. I met a woman who is divorced twice. She talked about how she is severely stigmatized for that, how she is considered a sinner, at fault, and weird (in Canada).

I think about an old friend mine, a sensitive soul, spiritual and aware. You know how difficult it is for such people to live in this world, let alone get trapped in a country like Iran. This girl tried many ways to get out of the country and failed. Her fiance, with whom she was supposed to apply for immigration, disappeared a couple of days before their wedding. Now, she is a member of an armed group against the central government. That makes me so sad because I believe the only winner in this killing game is those who sell the weapons.

I think about this smart, strong student of mine from Saudi Arabia who is here on a scholarship, to study ESL and then master's. The scholarship is granted through the government of Saudi Arabia and since a "woman" is NOT allowed to leave the country alone, and a male companion is required to "control" here (or for whatever other reasons, her father is living with her). This man, a good Muslim for four and a half decades, has started abusing drugs and alcohol, gambling and visiting strip clubs, etc in Canada.The student is freaking out that she is losing her dad, her family (when they know about this) and her scholarship (if the government finds out).

I feel these pains and a lot of others. I hate TV, papers and other media: all bias, propaganda and stereotyping. It makes me sad when I come across the ignorance of people who are so close to me, people whom I love but are victims of media and propaganda! These all drives me crazy, distressed, anxious and yet....

Yet I know there is something that offers meaning, purpose and depth to an ugly, unfair life and that's LOVE. Whatever that word means and wherever it comes from, it is fulfilling, hopeful and powerful.

"گرت آسودگی باید برو عاشق شو ای عاقل"

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