Thursday, November 18, 2010

Would exotic setting encourage people read your book or familiar one?

Peggy Blair in Canadian writers and exotic locals shares her experience which is contrary to mine. She mentions that Canadian books do not sell and she quotes A Brit Giller judge who makes fun of Canadian fiction.

I wrote for her that it’s interesting that my impression is quiet the opposite. I have published a collection of short stories “Echoes from the Other Land” which happens in the “exotic” land of Iran, a frequent topic of media. ;) The setting has been a drawback rather than a memorizing seducer. :) So, maybe exotic has to be part of the golden side of the planet “Europe and America?” or… maybe what makes a book known and admired is a complex set of “mysterious” connections/things?

I really wish our judgment was just based on quality of writing. Readers (including judges) brings into the book so much bias, sometimes at the expense of literary value of the work! But, really how can we objectively judge a subjective matter like art and literature?

At the end, Ava thinks she should just get to writing instead of getting busy by the controversial talks of writing.

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