Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Gardener on the Moon by Carole Giangrande is a good read

Carole Giangrande is a Toronto based novelist and the author of the novella, "The Gardener on the Moon." Novellas is an under-appreciated genre that we should revive.

"The Gardener on the Moon" is a good read. It is the story of human complexities, delicacies, pains, guilt and forgiveness. I really enjoyed the book and it took me only a weekend to read. I was in the middle of reading Nino Ricci's "Origin of Species" when I attended Carol's reading at North York Public Library. Mesmerized by her beautiful voice and her reading of the novella, I purchased the book and decided to read this book first since it was shorter that a Nino's chapter! Once I was done reading "the Gardener on the Moon," I wished it was longer.

This is a conversation I like:
'Have you found love?' he asked.
'I've found distraction,' she told him. 'Francois is good company for now."

and this:
"She is looking for hope,"
"I am, too."
"forgive me,"
"I love you, Danielle."

I guess you have to read the book to enjoy these dialogues more. By the end of the book, I got to finally understand Pierre (the male character) and identify with him after I blamed him for about 60 pages or so. His letter to Mary-Helen on page 26 (esp second paragraph) rolled tears in my eyes.

Check Carole out, her book, ( her podcast ( and attend her readings. You will love her. :)

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